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Ashley's Hair Salon

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  If you have not seen me for at least 6 months or more, please click over to the "New Guest" page as we will need to reconnect and do an extended consultation to revaluate your hair goals and ensure we have ample time to revamp your look!

Blonde Wavy Hair


BALAYAGE                                           $230+
PARTIAL BALAYAGE                           $135+
FULL HIGHLIGHTS                            $150+
PARTIAL HIGHLIGHTS                      $105+
FACE FRAME HIGHLIGHTS              $80+


ROOT REFRESH                                       $100+
FULL COLOR                                            $130+
GLAZE/TONER REFRESH                       $50+
Blond Woman
Smiling Blonde Woman

Cuts + Treatments

HAIRCUT + STYLE                                $60+
OLAPLEX ADD-ON                               $25+
CONDITIONING MASK                        $15+
KERATIN TREATMENT                        $200+


  We specialize in Tape-in Extensions. This service is great for fullness, color and length to your everyday look. Your extensions will be custom colored, cut and styled, keeping your look seamless. We give you the luxurious locks you have always dreamed of.

   With this service, we require a salon consultation to make sure we have the color match to your hair perfect, and to answer any questions you might have. We go over at-home maintenance and educate on how to style your personal look. There is a $20 fee for Extension consults and $100/hr for installation.

Blonde Model