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Ashley's Hair Salon

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Cancellation Policy

A: If something comes up and you don't cancel your appointment 24 hours before your appointment time, your card on file will be charged with a cancellation fee. We don't do this on our end, it's automatically set up through our booking service. We understand life happens, but we ask for everyone to be understanding and courteous to our stylists time as well.

No Show Policy

A: If you forget to cancel your appointment and your appointment becomes a no show without any contact or communication, your card on file will be charged with a no show fee. Our booking service provides several appointment reminders to your email or phone. If something comes up, we try to make it easy for anyone to cancel an appointment.

Refund Policy

A: We don't provide refunds. We go through the process, time, budget, cost and expectations during your consult before any service is done to your hair during the first 10-15 minutes of your appointment to make sure both client and stylist are on the same page.

Why do I have to put my card information in when I book an appointment?

A: This is to ensure your appointment is secured and to be courteous of our stylists time.

How long does a service usually take?

A: A color/highlight/balayage service and cut usually range from 1-3 hours depending on what you want done to your hair and your hair length.

Does your salon use organic hair dyes?

A: We do not use or carry organic hair dyes. We use colors from Baco, Redken and Schwarzkopf.

Is your salon open on weekends?

A: We are open every other Saturday and closed on Sundays.

What does your salon specialize in?

A: We specialize in Lived-in blondes, Balayage and Extensions.

Where is the salon located?

A: We are located at 304 Ponce Blvd in a 2-story building in Suite 3. We are also known as the "Salon Under the Stairs."

How do I book online?

A: If you are a new client, we recommend visiting this page and submitting a new client form so we can better help you. If you are an existing client, you can book here. Select the service you would like, choose an available day and time, enter your card information to hold your spot and submit.

What is the Extensions process?

A: We recommend booking a consultation first, where we will discuss your dream goals, color and length. At this consult, if you would like to move forward, we require a deposit on the extensions so they'll be ready the day of your install. We then schedule your next appointment to get your extensions installed. It takes about an hour to get them installed. If you would like to have extensions installed and your hair colored on the same day, that process could take 3-4 hours.

Why isn't there any availability on the day I want to come in?

A: We usually stay booked up to 2-3 weeks out. We recommend planning out your services accordingly so that you can be seen before any event or occasion. You can also call the salon at 904-757-1257 to see if we have any availability/cancellations.

How do I cancel an appointment online?

A: To cancel an appointment, you can simply go to your confirmation email or text message sent by the salon and it will guide you through the cancellation process. You can also call the salon at 904-757-1257 if you have any questions or difficulty.

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