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Ashley's Hair Salon

B L O N D I N G  |  E X T E N S I O N S  |  L I V E D - I N  C O L O R


Join our Tribe!

Are you looking for something bigger than yourself to be a part of? Are you positive and driven to grow as an individual and as a team?

Here at A|S Hair Salon that is what we focus on daily. Our Salon guidelines are not only to our guest but also to our employees. We want our atmosphere to be a place of creativity and growth. We believe that starts with having a strong team as a foundation.

Our culture and our brand are being the positive in others life. Building each other up for the goals they wish to achieve, therefore, we have high expectations of our employees. They are what helps us thrive. We hold monthly sessions to assess our business and education needs. We offer commission and booth rent opportunities.

Please send your resume and application to:

- Ashley

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