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What I've learned in m y 20 years of being a stylist.

I have learned a lot of things in 20 years in the beauty industry, some you want to always remember and some you are hope are trends that come and go. There are so many great people and relationships I have made through these years. I've also learned to listen to everyone of my clients there wants and hair dreams are my speciality. I am always up for a great hair challenge.

During these 20 years I have met some amazing customers and we have grown so close to almost feel like famiky. I see some move and change in Career and family growing. I'm all in all I am always enjoying what I do on the regular just making women and men feel and look there best! I am hoping for another 10-15 at least till I can say I am burned out doing what I live. Tia industry has also help me build a life I never seem possible. I started this journey as a

Single female finding her way to opening a new salon in 2008 right in the middle of the recession. Then met my husband and we since have grown to a fanlike of 4. Two sons named Joshua age 13 amd Bayken 7. They will soon be a year older and a few inches bigger. Life as a hair stylist has been great even through the rough patches. Would t trade it for anything different.

If something you know someone or granddaughter finds interest in cosmetology they should go for it if they have a passion for beauty and hair. This career is challenging but so many great rewards as well.

We have created a great life for our family being small Business Owners. Life is a journey we are just along for the ride.

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