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How to Choose the Best Blonde for your Skin Tone?

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Are you toying with the idea of taking the plunge to the Blonde side? Are you already Blonde, but you think your Blonde can be even better?

Whatever side you're on, you're in luck! Being blonde really is fun and even more thrilling when you're sporting a shade of blonde that makes people stop and stare. The right Blonde makes your eye sparkle, your complexion come alive and gives you a boost of confidence. To get the blonde color that puts a smile on your face, or makes you want to look in every mirror you pass by, it's all about the skin tone!

Silver-Blonde Hair

BEST FOR: Light or Medium-Cool Skin Tones

Silver-blonde is grey with a metallic finish and the result is cool and elegant. It's stunning on pale or olive skin tones. Ideally, it should sport some dimension. Think about a darker root that melts into shimmering silver mid-lengths and ends.

Beige-Blonde Hair

BEST FOR: Light, Medium and Dark-Cool or Neutral Skin Tones

Beige-blonde is typically neutral in tone. It's a pale, sandy fawn color. It's especially flattering on people with fair complexions, pink undertones and light-colored eyes. Lighter blonde highlights and the perfect accent to beige blonde hair.

Champagne Blonde Hair

BEST FOR: Light or Medium-Cool or Neutral Skin Tones

The cool tones of champagne provide an elegant backdrop for light or medium skin tones that are cool or neutral. If your skin is cool, consider adding a few platinum highlights to your champagne blonde base for a high-end glow.

There are other shades of blonde not listed: Strawberry blonde (great for light, warm skin tones), Mocha blonde (best on light, medium and dark-cool skin tones), Bronde (any skin tone), Carmel Blonde (medium to dark skin tones), Honey Blonde (medium or dark, warm skin tones). There are so many fun shades to try!

Always remember to ask your stylist to match up your skin tone with the right blonde shade. So come on over to the Blonde side, we can have so much fun with the different shades of Blonde!

Happy Hair Days from Ashley's Hair Salon!

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