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To Go Blonde or Not To Go Blonde

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Clients that come in usually are always looking to go lighter. The questions, is it possible?

There are always some factors to consider. One of those factors are the condition of the hair, the starting palette of the hair. So if the hair is really dark with a lot of color on the hair shaft, sometimes lifting the hair to the desired level can be tricky. You should always ask your stylists professional opinion. You definitely want to keep the integrity of the hair healthy. So yes, you can go blonde, but the level of blonde will determine what color is on your hair now.

Blonde is also very delicate so conditioning your hair is a must. I always try to educate my clients before they leave the salon with a maintenance program. Which includes doing a mask once a week and using a heat protectant before they style their hair. I say to go blonde is always a challenge, but I greatly accept!

Oh yeah one more thing! Most clients always have the undertones that are orange or red, so you will 9 times out of 10 need a toner to cancel out those unwanted tones. To all my pretty clients out there, stay beautiful!



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