Lets Talk Root Smudge

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Lets talk about root smudge, also known as a root melt. Believe it or not, they all have the same meaning. This service helps bring the root touch up down a little so it's not as noticeable when you get your touch up done. It can also look more natural to the eye. You will still need to get your greys touched up every 4-6 weeks depending on how much grey you have. Yes, you can definitely go longer, like every 12-14 weeks, if you are middle aged and only have about 10-15% grey hair.

Lets talk about pricing on this service. Some stylist like to charge a little more due to using more product, which I think is sufficient. Just like if you ask for an extra shot in your coffee, they will consider that an up-charge. So depending on how often you come in, the price can change. So my advice is to come back to the salon in the desired time frame the stylist recommends for your hair growth and grey coverage. This service has been on the scene for a year or two. I think this service will be around for years to come. Be bold and don't be afraid to try new trends!

Do I recommend this service for any age group that colors their hair, absolutely! I think it gives a youthful look and a softer new growth pattern. Try something new, be creative, stay beautiful! Hope my first blog post was a little bit of insight into our color world.

Happy Hair Days Ahead!



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